Now you can upload a Folder and all of it's Sub Folders (along with all files) and have the folder structure replicated in SharePoint!


Have you ever had to migrate hundreds or thousands of files from your computer or a network drive to SharePoint and realized it is going to take a lot of work to replicate your file structure?  We have a solution!

Natively there is no way to upload an entire folder along with it's sub folders into SharePoint.  You have to manually create the folder structure and then you can drag files into your document library, but if you have a lot of nested folders it could take hours!

The SharePoint Nested Folder and Sub-Folder Upload Tool is a desktop application that allows you to select a folder and upload it and all of its sub-folders into a target SharePoint Document Library.

The tool will also automatically remove special characters from file names, characters that might cause problems when uploaded to a SharePoint library.

The SharePoint Nested Folder and Sub-Folder Upload Tool works with both on premises SharePoint and SharePoint online!


How Does it Work?

First you select a file system folder


Second you Choose SharePoint On Premises or SharePoint Online (Office 365) and enter the Site URL along with credentials for SharePoint


Third you Connect to SharePoint and select a Document Library from the drop down list


Fourth you click Import Folders and Files.  You will see a progress bar while the upload progresses and an Import Complete message when done.


That is it!

Now you will see the folder structure replicated in SharePoint and all of your files in the right place!



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